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assalamualaikum....for this time,i will share about 9 principles of islamic management and leadership. This 9 principle i learn from my ex-super senior durind the leadership convention at uitm pulau pinang. Thanks to him...

for the principle no 1, as a leader,we must has (shared mission.vision and values)..
we must clear and specific directions from the leaders to the subordinates.The shared mission must be internalization,vision and value must in an organization is an indicator of goog leadership..The cooperation among members must approach in the organization...Clear goals can enable leaders and managers to gouge what has been achieved and learn from failure..

next..for principle no 2,we must adherence to religious texts and practising ijtihad..
for muslims,leading and managing an organization shiould be guided by the religious texts which seek to protect public interest.They are principle-centred leaders who do not sacrifice their values for their own self interest.New circumstance also require the proper use of ijtihad not for self interest but the common good.Leaders who require ijtihad in making decisions and policies should be aware of the rules in the utilization of ijtihad.

principle no3....character building
god conscious and sincere leaders are required to translate vision into action..
it also requires leaders with a strong sense og accountability to god and to the organization..As a leader,we should focus on programmes that can instil values and ethics so that effective change can come from within the individuals.Leader should walk to talk..

principle no 4...putting the right people in the right place..
Leader should manage people by appointing the right peple for the right job.Appointment should be based on the criteria of trustworthiness,honesthy and ability ti perform.Putting the wrong people in a particular job can lead to negative consequences to the orgnization.


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